Monday, December 21, 2009

Pants, Part 2

After I wrote this entry, several gals gave me advice for where to find boys jeans. Some I liked, some I didn't.
These types of jeans I don't like: The "pre-worn" look, with the faded spots and patches.... After just a few months on a toddler, they end up looking like this anyways. I don't need to buy them halfway worn out already. And that's ALL I could find anywhere.
Nathan and Jacob's great-granddad needed gift ideas for the boys. I told him (via my mother-in-law) that Nathan needed new jeans. So this began a massive online hunt for what I deemed "appropriate" jeans. My qualifications were NOT faded, and an adjustable waist. The adjustable waist I was adamant on, because the jeans we bought Nathan last fall are just now ALMOST to fit around the waist - but now they're too short.
We knew Wrangler jeans (the copper-rivet ones - authentic cowboy style!) were good - but they are expensive, which is why I haven't bought more of them (he has one pair, for church). Finally, after searching Old Navy, Target, WalMart, Kohls, Sears, and Children's Place..... I finally found some on the JC Penny website. (I know you're thinking "My gosh, she's picky!")
I sent the link to Janice, then later went out and got the mail. In the mail was... JC Penny coupons! "Spend $25, get $10 off." The jeans were on sale for $12.99, so after the coupon, two pairs would be $8 each! We planned a trip to Lawrence for the next day. Nathan ended up with four new pairs of pants - his "official" gift from Great-Granddad was a new pair of Wranglers for church (so cute!), and at JCP I bought him two pairs of jeans and one pair of navy slacks (another impossible-to-find-at-WalMart item! All they carry is cargoes or courdoroys.).
We bought him size 4T! But that's why I was so adamant about getting jeans with an adjustable waist. Yes, they're too big for him right now, but I won't have to buy him any pants for at least a year. Cinch up the waist, roll up the cuffs a bit, and he's set.
Anyways. I hate shopping, so that got that over with. (Yay for online research, so I didn't actually have to go into the stores!) I also finished up my Christmas shopping that day. (Yay for mother-in-laws, because there's NO WAY I could have made into six stores on my own with two little ones!)


Brooke said...

I firmly believe everyone has an OCD... and I believe we have found yours!! You and pants are like Paul and chicken. I got to thinking, and I'm equally opinionated about my kids' clothing, but everything they wear has either been passed down from friends or purchased by my mom or mother-in-law. My mom has pretty good taste, but sometimes it's just not my style. My mother-in-law only shops garage sales, and there are times that all I can say is "yikes"! The few things I purchase are usually from consignment sales, garage sales,or Wal-Mart's clearance rack, so my options are pretty limited. In the end, I'm just grateful that I spend less than $100 a year on clothes and shoes for both of them. They wear an awful lot of stuff that I would never choose, but I figure I won't like what they wear when they're older anyway, so this is just preparing me. Glad you found some jeans and dress pants that will work and got a good deal to boot.

Rachel said...

Yes, we would wear clothes if we got them for free - but Nathan's stopped getting hand-me-downs... In fact, Nathan has a sweater/courduroy set from his birthday in the closet he's about to get big enough for - and he's going to wear it, even if it's not "my thing." I don't think I've bought a single shirt for Nathan - all of them have been gifts or hand-me-downs. And the only outfit I've bought for Jacob has been his dedication outfit. (Oh, and 2 long-sleeve undershirts to put under his short-sleeve onesies when he was tiny and it was so stinking cold.) Normally I just stick to whatever I can get at WalMart as well, but they had NO jeans in his size - they had one style, and all they had was 18 mo and 5T. Since I was going to have to go on a hunt, I was going to make sure to get what I wanted!

Brooke said...

We need to take pictures of the most tacky outfits they've been given and have a contest. I've always got a running pile destined for Lifecare that I just can't bring myself to use. They must hate me there for always bringing such ugly stuff!