Tuesday, December 22, 2009

God's Gift to Me

My husband is so wonderful. I know you probably get tired of me talking about him.
His work schedule since September has been so crazy. In the last 16 weeks, he's only had 21 days off. Most weeks, he's worked at LEAST two 12-hour days in there. He gets Christmas Day off, the day after Christmas, and then he's back to work for 7 days straight. Luckily then, he will be on a four-day-on, two-days-off rotation (12 hour shifts) for January, and then come February, they're supposed to have hired on another shift and they'll be back to the swing shift. He has worked SO hard, and hasn't complained about the time gone. But I know he's ready for a break!
I appreciate my husband so much. I was listening to a program on the radio yesterday, and the question was: "What does your spouse do to make you feel loved?" (or something along those lines) But instead of calling in to tell what their husband did right, it sounded like a huge gripe-fest of women calling in to say what their husband DIDN'T do! I was like, "Come on, ladies! Cut him some slack!" The fact that most husbands go to work to provide for their families is an act of love itself! I know that the job Paul has isn't his dream job, and isn't always fun, but it pays well, so he sticks with it.
Paul loves me, is faithful to me, loves our boys, and takes pride in his home. It may not be flowers and romantic dinners, but that's not how he says, "I love you."
Anyhow. This was just a little soapbox. Lets show (and tell!) our hard-working husbands we appreciate them, ladies!