Saturday, October 10, 2009

Two Weeks to Go

After the first 6 months dragging by, then the summer absolutely flying by, now the last couple weeks are just d...r....a....g....g....i...n....g..... It's so soon now! But the doctor says I'm not close (which can change in a matter of hours, I'm sure). And for now - I'm just fine with not being close! I found out my doctor is going to be gone next week. Paul is also working 72 hours - 12 hour shifts Monday-Saturday - and will actually be gone 5:30 AM to 8 PM every day. So if there would ever be an inconvenient time to have the baby, it would be next week. But apparently my doctor is confident enough that it's not going to happen that she told me I can skip coming in next week (since the only day she's there would be three days after yesterday's checkup), and just come in the following Monday (10 days between appointments). And maybe it's not confidence - maybe she'd rather I not know if things are looking like they're getting closer so that I don't stress and worry while she's gone. (And maybe she doesn't want to stress and worry!)
I know any doctor can deliver a baby, but there's the familiarity of having your own doctor - having 9 months of "bonding" during checkups, not to mention having her there for my whole pregnancy and delivery with Nathan! And, in our town, she's the only female doctor. Now I know these male doctors deliver babies probably every day, but to me - having a woman, who has the same parts, and has had two kids herself.... It's a bit more comforting!
But I've started telling myself that every little twinge is not a contraction. Babies shove. And push. And stretch. That's probably all I've been feeling. It's gotta be getting boring in there after almost 9 months, so he's just exploring the confines of the womb.
Paul has decided to go ahead and take vacation starting the Monday before I'm due. I thought at first that I wanted him to keep going to work, so he could have more time to help me after the baby arrives, but then I realized that he needed a few days to catch up on sleep and things around here so that he actually can help me after the baby gets here! And hopefully his schedule will be back to Monday-Thursday by the time he goes back to work, so it won't feel like he's gone absolutely all the time.
I'm definitely nesting. Operation Keep the House Clean has been going really well. The kitchen and dining room are picked up almost every day (or maybe I should put it as they are "almost picked up every day" - I do some cleaning every day). I sweep them about every 2 days. The living room gets deep cleaned (toys sorted and counted, DVDs put away, floor vacuumed) about twice a week. The bathroom could use a little picking up right now, but I have cleaned the toilet and wiped off the counter this week. I'm working on Nathan's room today. I've sorted stuff and picked up in there recently, but not done any sweeping or vacuuming (who wants to haul the vacuum up those stairs, anyhow?). I'm kind of at a stand-still until Paul wakes up, because Nathan's bed needs moved, mainly so I can move the area rug out from under it, so that the rug is actually being used. I scrubbed the hard-wood floor on my hands and knees using a brush - for two reasons: 1/the wood is so old (and the finish so bad) it would catch the fibers on a mop, and 2/there's apparently been a lot of milk dribbles up there. The part of the floor I've gotten done looks SO much better - and actually kind of pretty! I really need Paul to build me some book/storage shelves for all the children's books I've recently acquired - they're just sitting around in boxes. Also, I've realized that some of his toys (matchbox cars especially) are going to have to be somewhere that a curious crawling baby can't chew on them, so his room is the likely area. (Another reason I need to get that rug moved - so it can be a play mat.)
We'll see what nesting projects I can come up with next week to fill my time. Or maybe I'll get the house clean and visit family/friends next week so that we're not home to get it dirty? My dad mentioned harvesting corn........
Well, I think I'm going to go finish the movie I started last night and repaint my toenails (if I can reach them). I figure if I'm going to have my feet in stirrups, the least I can do is have them looking their best. :)

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