Tuesday, October 13, 2009


A la JC, prepare for the bulleted list:
  • T-minus 9 days. So close, yet so far away.
  • A mouse (a rather large-sounding mouse... It had BETTER not be a rat) woke me up this morning scratching and running in the wall of our bedroom. Totally gross.
  • I think when Nathan gets a potty ring on his backside it's totally adorable.
  • I think his tushie in general is totally adorable. Is this a normal mommy thing, or am I twisted?
  • I'd forgotten that hot beef sandwiches (bread/mashed potatoes/brown gravy with chunks of beef) are probably one of my favorite meals ever. Especially when paired with last-of-the-garden green beans that have lots of bacon and onions in them. (We just don't have it that often because even though it includes two of my favorites, these also happen to be two of Paul's least favorites - mashed potatoes, gravy.)
  • Operation Keep the House Clean by Visiting Relatives was a failure. Even though we were gone most of the day yesterday hanging out and helping my dad on the farm, the house still got just as dirty. I guess I failed to realize that even if we are gone, Nathan will still play with toys, I will still cook meals, and we will still wear clothes. Same amount of picking up to do, just less time to do it in.
  • It's my last day of babysitting until after the baby arrives. I'm taking four weeks off starting next week.
  • The boys I babysit stayed home sick yesterday with coughs. I hope to God whatever they have isn't contagious, because I do not want to be coughing while trying to push a baby out.
  • This is also the last week of praise and worship until November 15. Practice is tonight. And I've actually already got two songs picked out!
  • I cut my mom's hair last week. And did a dang good job, if I don't say so myself. Of course a straight-across chop is a lot easier than layers.
  • Although, I was so proud of my work, that the same evening, I fixed the layers in my own hair. And I'm really happy with how it looks. (The front of my hair/bangs had grown out faster than the rest of the layer, so I cut them shorter.)
  • After about 5 days in a row of Nathan pooping in his underpants, we've had two victorious days of him going in the potty (hopefully not just because he happened to be sans pants at the time). We'll see how today goes.
  • Pooped-in underpants are a whole new level of gross. Not because of the poop - having used cloth diapers, I'm familiar and okay with the process of removing poop from fabric. It's the process of getting the poopy underpants off of him without smearing it all the way down his legs. And keeping his hands out of it.
  • It's cold. Not that it's been an excessively warm summer/fall to begin with, but the sudden onslaught of 40-degree days, clouds/rain, and howling north wind is a bit much.
  • And it's supposed to be Friday before we see the sun again.
  • I will be making a pie this week. We're having a pie social for Pastor Appreciation this weekend. I was going to make Caramel Apple, but am selfish - if I'm going to put the effort into a caramel apple pie, I want Paul and I to be able to enjoy it ourselves. So I will be trying a new recipe called Cherry-Berry: cherries, blueberries, raspberries..
  • So far, the only word or phrase that I've used that Nathan has repeated has been, "Oh, geez." Not that it's horrible, I just would rather he doesn't say it.
  • Good thing he was in the bath, though, when I watched this video. I used a consiberably worse phrase.
  • This is the eighth week that Paul has worked 6 days a week. I am so ready to have him home again, so I can nag him into doing work for me (I feel guilty asking him to do a bunch of stuff for me after he's just got home, or on his only day off - even though I have asked some). Although I would much rather have him on 8 hour shifts than the 12s he's doing this week - he got home at 8 last night (after leaving at 5:30), and he was so tired we didn't do much more than eat supper and put Nathan to bed before we went to bed ourselves.
  • I get the Thomas (trains) theme song stuck in my head every time I hear it. And it's playing again. Grr.
  • Am I bad for not wanting to let the boys watch a video they brought? If their mom says that the 4 year old doesn't like the first two scenes, I'm not sure I want to expose my two year old to it. (It's Monsters vs. Aliens.)
  • I think part of my reason for being so careful about what imaginary (tv) things my son sees is due to my overactive imagination and dream life. I know how things I see affect me, so I don't want my son to have to deal with them before he can understand things on TV aren't real.
  • This computer table is a a real crap pile. I should do something about it.
  • But why do something about it when I can avoid it? I'm working on more important things - like this blog. And stalking people on Facebook.

Well, the coffee needs a re-charge. And I think that's about as much randomness as those not accustomed to my rambling can handle.

And PS - he pooped in his underwear again. GRR.


Tiffany said...

I still love Dalton's cute lil tush too!!!

JC said...

1) I resent the implication that everything I do is on a bulleted list. That's just because I've worked with engineers for too long.
2) You should warn people that the video should NOT be watched in class. Good thing I don't have your filthy mouth. Otherwise I might have said something uncouth. I will admit that I jumped a bit, only because I was totally thinking to myself "That has to be fake"...