Saturday, October 3, 2009


I have officially reached the point in my pregnancy where shirts no longer cover my belly. Even maternity shirts.
Do you know how frustrating and embarrassing it is to be waddling up to walk into a store, and catch a glimpse of my reflection and see my white belly hanging out the bottom of my shirt? I'm sure it looks pretty klassy to others, too.
And the frustrating thing is - I don't feel that big! I finally have adjusted to my size, apparently. I struggle to get out of bed and off the couch, but don't really have trouble bending over or anything else. I wish my clothes would have learned to cooperate, because I've still got three weeks left! Is this a common problem for women, or it it just because I'm tall?
I'm going to have to go through Paul's shirts and confiscate a few. I already have claimed one that's nice and long. I just don't want to stretch them out for him.
I'll just have to double check anything I wear to church or elsewhere in public.

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