Friday, December 29, 2017

Photo Overload

From the last year.  Or so.
In no particular order. They are coming off of two phones and a camera!
The boys got permission to go fishing in our neighbor's pond whenever they want. 

Nathan learned how to use several power tools this year.

I surprised Paul for his birthday with a shotgun.

Blackberry picking in Princeton where Paul grew up.

Topeka Zoo in April

Prepare for some cuteness!

Uncle Jono is always up for exploring at the farm!  Fully supports camo and firearms as well. 

Omaha Zoo in May

The girls at the Mississippi River in March, near Blytheville, Arkansas.

"Your daughter has slain me with her eyes."  (quoting a neighbor we met in the grocery store)
Obviously she has her mother's fantastic sense of style.

A certain uncle can stick his tongue up his nose, so they wanted to try it.....

Lurenda and Mom went to Africa in February.

This gives you an idea of what any social activity is like - best friend Charlie and cousin Mackenzie.  They're the Four Musketeers, and they will find trouble.
This guy......

Helping Pa-Pa get ready for an auction.
Has fully embraced being Uncle JC's "minion."

Awana Skating Party, November 2016.

Playing Mary, Joseph, and Jesus (Elsa) at Bethlehem 2016.

The many faces of Gideon.  (And now you see why people fall for the big eyes!)

First birthday!

First pigtails - So. Stinking. Cute!!!!!

He made a lot of money on tooth exchange. 

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