Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wisdom from the Garden

We had a ridiculous - and I do mean ridiculous - amount of rain in May (I think I heard, only 4 days all month it didn't rain), and a good amount still in the first half of June.  So we have been trying to recover our garden from the weeds. 
During yet another round of tilling and weeding, Paul asked me, "Are roots deeper when it's dry or wet?"  (I don't know if it was a retorical question, as I thought the answer was common knowledge.)
"There's no need for deep roots when it's wet.  Plants put down roots to find water, and when the water is right there all the time, the roots don't get very big."
"So, it's kind of like that with us, right?"  he mused.  "When things are going well, and we have all we need, we tend to not develop good roots.  It's when we go through a dry spell and tough times that causes us to dig in and rely on God.  So really we need those dry times to make us stronger."

Perfect analogy. 
Just a bit of wisdom from an evening in the garden.