Friday, September 5, 2014

Home Improvements 2014: A big STEP

It's been over 8 weeks.  Time has flown.  Progress went really well, boom-boom-boom, for the first 5 weeks, and then pretty much came to a standstill for two weeks, waiting for the plumber to lay the drains so they could pour the floor.  That was really, really frustrating.
But they poured the floor last week, and today was a big STEP toward getting finished..... STAIRS! 

The workers told Paul these aren't the final stairs, but they are what they will use to access the basement to finish the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.  They have been accessing it through a ladder in the window well (identical to the one in the background).  Everything has been coming through that window....  Lumber, beams, pipes, cinder blocks....  
Next week they will start on the back porch.  So close!  And then comes the decisions I will lose sleep on.  Not even kidding.  Putting color on the floors and walls will be the things that will completely STRESS ME OUT.  But right now I'm saying - BRING IT ON!  I would gladly take losing sleep over color swatches and flooring samples, over having my home completely torn up.  I am so ready!

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