Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lesson Learned?

So I am an advocate for having children help with disgusting or difficult tasks, either as discipline/punishment, or just to learn that there are unpleasant things that sometimes have to be done in life.
So this morning, I announced to Jacob that he would be helping me clean the bathroom today.  Apparently he's been using the hands-free, pee-by-faith-not-by-sight method when he gets up at night to go potty.  I suspected it was him, but never had proof until last night.  Both boys woke up at the same time (allegedly one for a drink, and one for anti-itch medicine on his chiggers), and when I made them use the toilet before they went back up, there was the unmistakable sound of pee not hitting the toilet.
So when I explained this to Jacob, I was expecting whining, arguing, feet-dragging.  Instead, I got a, "Oh.  Okay!"
If they're excited to do it, are they still going to learn the lesson?
However, to help ensure the bathroom cleaning doesn't become Jacob's permanent job, I have now become the potty-patrol Nazi.  (Since Jacob potty-trained so young, and was so excited to go on his own, I wasn't as diligent on teaching the proper method.)  I feel a little weird, standing over him as he pees.  "Both hands!  Shake it off!"  But the smell of pee when you walk in our only bathroom is just disgusting.  I'd rather take care of the origin of the problem, rather than have him happily cleaning the bathroom.  (His wife will thank me later.)

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The Shupaloops said...

If I find any yellow down around the bolts jack gets a wash cloth and cleaner handed to him. "how does it possibly get down there?" I say. I can see on the floor or what not, but down the sides? Anyways, I refuse to clean it. Gross. Go us moms!