Saturday, January 21, 2012


Do you ever just stop and look at your kids and wonder, When did they get so big?
I've been doing that a lot lately.  I'm not one of those moms that gets teary over my kids growing up.  In fact, when I read my friends' statuses on Facebook about how "it's bittersweet," I just don't relate.  I love my kids as babies.  But I love it when they do things that show that they're growing up.  I want my kids to be independent!  I don't need them to be my babies forever.  The more they grow up, the less they have to depend on me for every little thing.  I have yet to shed a tear putting away baby clothes or looking at old pictures.
Both boys have had some "big boy" accomplishments recently.
Jacob has been in his big bed - with a bed rail - since last summer.  But this week we took off the rail.  He hasn't fallen out once.  The last month or so, he's been sleeping through the night MUCH better, and he goes back to sleep without much intervention when he does wake up.  (He used to need snuggling, talking, more snuggling, and then he MIGHT not cry when you left the room.)  His vocabulary is becoming so clear and articulated - it amazes me he's only been talking for less than 6 months.
Nathan went to the dentist for the first time last week.  He so reminded me of Paul - "I'm really not comfortable with this situation, but I'm too cool to let you know that."  He did great, even though they had to do some scraping on his front bottom teeth.  They took x-rays of his teeth, and his adult teeth on top are really close to being in - the baby teeth are already loose.
They do grow up so fast.  But I'm not sad about it.  I can't wait to see what my kids are like when they are grown up.

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Anonymous said...

Imagine how grown up I'LL think they are when I see them again!! :) Love you!! XOXO -Carl