Saturday, February 19, 2011


As I mentioned in a previous entry, Paul and I went on "what was supposed to be a romantic getaway."
In spite of everything that happened, I still had a great time. I loved our trip and was so glad that we took it.
For Christmas, Paul and I bought tickets to see one of our favorite musicians. Paul "discovered" him last year on, and started looking up his music other places. His name is David Garrett, he is a "rock violininst" from Germany. The best way to describe his music is he takes classical music and puts a "rock" spin on it, or he takes rock music (by artists such as Metallica, Van Halen, or Micheal Jackson) and interprets them through violin. He is very, very talented. When Paul found out he would be doing a tour in the USA, he looked up locations, and we found out that he would be, of all places, in Omaha (3 1/2 hours away). So we bought 2 tickets as our only Christmas gifts to each other.
Since it wasn't even in our imagination that we'd be pregnant, the plan was a steak dinner, the concert, and an entire bottle of wine between the two of us (which sounds like a lot, but is actually only like 2 glasses each), lots of soaking in the hot tub, and lots of......romance. Just the two of us, husband and wife, not Mommy and Daddy. When we found out we were pregnant, that took out the hot tub (at least the hot part of the hot tub - it would have to be more like a lukewarm tub) and the wine. When we found out we were having a miscarriage, that took out everything else but the steak and the concert.
But I really had a wonderful time. We had over 6 hours of talking in the car, a great (albeit horribly overpriced!) dinner, and the concert was amazing. I enjoyed the music so much, and I think watching Paul enjoy it made it that much better for me. (For those of you that don't know - Paul plays violin, too. He is tremendously talented, and will always be my favorite musician, but I have to say.... I'm thinking David Garrett may be my second favorite. :P )
I had the actual miscarriage in the middle of the night. I started having contractions and knew what was coming. Paul stayed up with me, doing things for me that no husband should ever have to do. I am so grateful for him. In looking back, this was probably the best way it could have happened, being just the two of us. For the next 24 hours, I was physically weaker than I have been in my entire life, even more than after labor with either boy, and he took care of me the whole time, encouraging me to sleep, carrying all the luggage, and making sure I didn't overdo it. He is the best husband I could ever ask for.
So our romantic getaway really was romantic. But in ways so much different and so much deeper than we had ever planned.
And I am totally looking forward to the next time Mr. Garrett is back in our area.

If you're interested, the below video (6 minutes) is kind of an interview and overview of David Garrett's music.

Comments on the video:
Thank GOD he did not wear those pants at the concert we were at. My respect for him may have dropped a few points after seeing him in those.
The scary guitar chick was not at "our" concert. Yikes.
Neither was the orchestra - it was just his band (drums, bass guitar, 2 other guitars, keyboard), which I think I liked better.
And he really should have pulled his hair back for the interview. He looks pretty girly with it down around his face like that.
That's all.

Oh - except: My favorite song of his was not on that clip. Click here to watch it on YouTube. (And may I say, I dislike 90% of the pictures on that slideshow. So much different than the way he presents himself on stage!)
I may or may not have embarrassed my husband by the enthusiasm of my applause before and after he performed it. (And may I mention - the first person I ever heard play this song was my husband. :) )

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~ April said...

Hugs to you!
I am glad that you two were able to get away... sorry it had to go the way it did but also glad that you had each other during such a difficult time.