Thursday, July 15, 2010


Monday was Paul's 30th birthday. I wanted to throw a big party for him, but there were several factors that made me decide against it. First, I wasn't sure how "okay" with turning 30 Paul was. Some people have a hard time, and whereas I thought he was okay, he did say something that made me think. Also, we just had a party on Independence Day weekend, and I wasn't really up for two big parties in just over a week. Another thing is that it was on a Monday.... Not exactly a great evening for people to get together - and he worked nights all weekend, so we couldn't really do it the night before. And lastly - given the choice of going out on a real date with my husband, or having a house full of people.... I want the date. It's been way too long.
Nevertheless, it was his birthday, and it was a special one. So I decided the boys and I would make it special for him.
I ordered a birthday present for Paul. It showed up Friday. Note to self: Don't let a 2-year-old see what you're giving your husband for his birthday. Not because he will tell him (which he will), but because he will want to give it to Daddy right away. We had to go wake Paul up and give him part of his birthday present on Friday, because Nathan was sobbing because he was so disappointed he couldn't go show him. I just didn't have the heart to tell him no.

And, no, my kids never wear pants.

Sunday night we went in to town and got a bunch of balloons filled and tied them to his chair at the dinner table. I helped Nathan make a birthday card for Paul, which he decorated.

The balloons were a great idea, but a disappointing reality. The helium didn't last even 12 hours in half of them. The mylar one that said "Happy Birthday" is still good, though.

Monday morning, Paul had a meeting after work, so Nathan was up and ready to greet him when he got home at 10. He was waiting on the front steps when Paul pulled in the driveway.

Paul tried valiantly to stay awake, but only lasted about an hour before he fell asleep. We let him go to bed.
I went back and forth on whether to make Paul a cake or not, but finally decided to do so. I figured it was his birthday. But then I couldn't decide whether to make a cake or cookies or a pie - he loves all 3. But then I decided: birthdays need cakes. So I made a cake.... Sort of.

It's two giant chocolate chip cookies sandwiched together with frosting. Yummy.

(And in my defense - it was a very fast, last-minute job with Jacob trying to climb my leg the entire time I was frosting it.)

Monday evening we finally got to go on a date. A real date. A glorious date. It's been a year. We went on one for his birthday last summer, and then shortly after he started working 6 or 7 days a week, pretty much until the beginning of February. We didn't even get to go out for our anniversary in March. I loved it! I got all "skanked up" - I figured it's a real date with just my husband, why not wear a top he'll love? I actually put on makeup, too.

We were going to wait until Jacob was in bed to leave, because he doesn't go to sleep easily, and I didn't want to wish that on my sister. So of course, he didn't want to go to sleep. About 9:30, he finally gave up. Just as we were about ready to go, Nathan had a complete meltdown. So we put him to bed, too. By the time we left it was almost 10. We could have gone to see a movie, but at that point, pickings were slim. And neither one of us were sure how awake we'd be after an hour drive up to the city. So we opted to just stay in town and go out to eat. However, because of how late it was, a lot of places were closed. Neither of us really wanted to go to a bar to eat, so we went to Applebees. Turns out, this was a great choice, because appetizers are half price after 9, and that's what I got for my meal (I didn't know they were half price). So for an appetizer, a drink, 2 meals, and a dessert, plus tip, it was under $30. Granted the dessert was free because I told the waitress it was Paul's birthday. He got sang to by 4 girls and a loud drunk guy - the first time he's ever had to suffer birthday embarrasment at a restaurant.
We went to WalMart afterwards to rent a movie at RedBox. Disappointed by the selection, we went to the electronics selection to browse the cheap movies, and ended up buying 3. We had every intention of watching them when we got home, but by the time we got home, visited with my sister (who washed my dishes for me!!!), and got her sent home, it was after midnight and we both were fading fast. So we watched the movie the next day during the boys' naps.
I know it was Paul's birthday, but I loved it. I loved making it special for him, and I loved going out with him. I guess since I kind of missed my own birthday this year, I thought I'd make his extra special.

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