Friday, April 16, 2010

I Love Spring!

I have decided that spring is officially my favorite time of year. I have always had a hard time deciding between spring and fall, but I've decided that the weather is similar, but you just don't get the beautiful flowers and blooming trees in the fall. The red bud trees are just gorgeous right now!
We got about half of our garden planted. After it being SO wet all winter long, we felt really pressured to get out there and get the soil worked up, and rush to get things planted before it rained again. But it is only the middle of April. Even though it's been in the 80s for a week, it still is early. If it was mid-May I'd be a lot more anxious. We got corn, lettuce, beets, radishes, carrots, beans, and peas planted. All that is left are my "hill" plants - tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, and watermelons.
We are looking in to refinancing our house again. Something about spring must make me want to get out of debt - this is about the time we tried to refinance last year. I just SO want to get away from Bank of America (Dave Ramsey calls them "the old boa" - so accurate to how I feel!). Interest rates aren't as low as I'd like, but we should be able to save $100 a month. And if we continue paying the same amount we are right now, we'd be able to save like $30,000 in interest. I just hate feeling like we have this huge debt hanging over our heads, and that we can't do anything because of it. You know the Proverb about the borrower being slave to the lender? I hate being their slave. So I'm praying that THIS YEAR, God will see fit to bless us and allow us to refinance.
I've been bad about exercising this week. I've just been so tired, and my back has been hurting. Sometimes it's not bad at all, then other times, I have a hard time standing up straight. I have no idea what happened to it - it just started hurting Easter Sunday. Things have loosened up today, so I'm hoping that two nights of not having to share a bed will help. The weird thing is, it doesn't hurt when I stand, or even when I sit up straight. It's when I sit to nurse or sit at the computer or any other time my back isn't straight that it hurts.
Jacob's orchiopexy surgery is Monday. I'm more nervous about him being anesthesized than I am him being cut on. I guess that's because I trust the hands of a surgeon more than I trust a drug Jacob has never been exposed to. And this is only "stage one" - they find the testicle, but they won't actually pull it into his scrotum until 3-6 months from now... Another operation, another anesthesia.
Well, it's time to put Nathan to bed. I can't decide whether I want to be industrious and clean this disaster area of a house after he's in bed, or whether I should be lazy and go to bed and read a while. I guess we'll see how much energy the bedtime drama sucks out of me.


Rachel said...

Obviously I'm a mother. I just talked about my son's testicles and scrotum without flinching or even realizing what that I was using previously giggle-worthy words.

Tiffany said...

LOL's funny the things we talk about being mothers...this mother totally understand :) Praying for you guys on Monday...and I'm so jealous of your garden!!!