Thursday, December 10, 2009

Anyone Else Have This Trouble?

Paul and I noticed that all the sudden, all of Nathan's pants seem to be too short. He must have gone through a growth spurt.
So I am trying to find him new jeans. I went to Target last week, and they didn't have ANY pants that weren't faded, patched, or otherwise un-trendy. What happened to good ol' blue jeans?
So today I went to WalMart in search of some. They had two styles of jeans, in sizes 12M, 18M, and 5T.
I really don't want to have to go all over creation trying to find jeans for a two year old!
And while I'm at it, may I mention how hard it is to find clothes for him that aren't trendy or preppy? I hate clothes with cartoon characters on them. Maybe if they were age-appropriate (like Bob or Thomas), but I hardly think Spiderman or Transformers are kid-friendly movies. We aren't a trendy family - Paul wears boots and jeans. I just don't see my son wearing sweaters and corduroys. (Not that there's anything wrong with those things, I'd like to point out - but growing up my dad never wore anything but denim, and neither does my husband, so that's what I tend to gravitate towards for our sons.) I would prefer REAL slacks for when Nathan dresses up for church, but all I can find are cargo pants. (I am not a shopper, or else I might put a little more effort into finding the type of clothing I want. I just don't have the time, money, or energy!) I would think places like Target and WalMart would carry a basic like plain blue jeans!
Anyhow. I'm tired. Therefore this rant probably doesn't make any sense. I really need to go to bed - it's been 1 or later every night for the last two weeks!


Amy Jo said...

I agree...I've done a lot of shopping for my nieces and nephews--the stores are full of trendy stuff. I love to shop online when I know what size I need. Looks like Target has more selection online in boys pants...both jeans and slacks:

Brooke said...

I'm sure I'll run into this problem soon with Levi, but one major perk to having a girl is that every store has twice the selection for girls than it does for boys. I also stay away from cartoon character stuff, but I like the little preppy sweaters and corduroys (even though he probably won't let me put them on him when he's older.) The Children's Place outlet in the Great Mall has been my best source so far for plain ol' jeans and khakis.

Tiffany said...

I get Dalton's pants at Kohls...they're usually on sale for $10 a piece and their the ones that have the elastic band that you can let in our out. I by them a little long and suck the waist all the way in so that they last a little longer.

Tiffany said...

I love the Children's Place too!