Saturday, May 16, 2009

9 Really Random Reasons Why I Love My Husband

....or at least why loving him is so easy!

  1. He cleans the litterbox. For MY cat.
  2. He scrubs the tub with a brush and cleaner - sometimes without even me asking him.
  3. He wipes the rim under the seat of the toilet, because girls don't make the mess there (even if it wasn't him that made the mess).
  4. He keeps his truck clean and free of trash. (A feat I have never managed in my car.)
  5. The yard always looks great. He always does his best job mowing it (weather permitting).
  6. He helps weed my flower beds.
  7. And helps plant the garden.
  8. He helps me with canning and freezing stuff from the garden.
  9. He always looks neat and clean when we go out in public - shirt tucked in, etc.


The Other Rachel said...

Have you ever read anything about Love Languages? Sounds like maybe yours is acts of service - or maybe his is.

Anyway, good for you guys. :)

Lavonda Pflug said...

Sounds like his Momma taught him right!