Thursday, February 2, 2012

Victoriously Terrified

Does anyone else feel victorious when they get their taxes filed?  I'm always proud of myself that I got it done - by myself! - but also a little terrified that I made a mistake.  I'm relatively certain I didn't, but when I pushed "next step" on, where I thought it would offer to let me review and print it, it actually filed it.
But it's the second day of February.  They're already being processed.  And we don't owe anything!  Even if our return isn't as much as last year, we still didn't have to pay, so it's a good year.

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Rachel said...

We didn't have to pay any MORE than we already had paid in. We still make enough to have to pay taxes. After our return, we will have paid about 1% of our income - not much at all. I think they should make it a flat tax - everyone, no matter how much or how little you make, pays 1% (or whatever) in. All you'd need is a calculator to figure your taxes. Heck, most people could figure it in their heads!