Friday, February 17, 2012

Just Two More Months

I'm two months from my due date!  Part of me feels like that's so far away, the other part says, "Holy cow, we are not ready!"
I am ready for a baby in my arms.  So ready.  Not because I'm tired of being pregnant, but because I'm just excited to meet this baby!  But have we done anything to get ready for a new baby at our house?  No.  Okay - strike that.  We have moved the boys' train tracks out of the baby's room.  But no sorting clothes, no cleaning....  Oh well.  I still have two months.  :)
The doctor says everything looks great.  I feel like I haven't gotten any bigger in the last month.  Okay - any bigger in my belly.  This baby's theme song is "Baby Got Back."  I swear, most of the weight I've gained has been in my rear end.  My maternity jeans are tight.  Not cool.
But all the contraptions I have to wear under my clothes are holding my belly in.  The compression stockings are like control top hose, and the hernia belt is like a girdle.  So that's probably why my belly doesn't seem any bigger....  And I'm not sure I've gotten any new stretch marks.  (Yes, I realize I still have two months to go.)  I feel like I've paid my due on stretch marks (teenage ones, plus two pregnancies), so I would not mind not missing out on those this time around.
I was telling Paul, with both boys, I kind of had a feeling they were boys. (Up until the last few weeks with Jacob, then I was sure that because I was sure it was a boy, it would be a girl. :) )  But with this baby I have no inclination at all.  I finally started calling him "he" just to avoid calling him "it."  Part of me is leaning toward hoping it's a boy.  I say I want a girl because I feel outnumbered, but..... By this time, I know what I'm doing with boys.  We've got everything for a boy already.  (And I was thinking about how girls go through PMS when they get older.  Not cool.)  I know - there's a 50/50 chance each time, and twice we've gotten boys, so chances are toward a girl.  But it really doesn't matter.  I am going to be so thrilled by the time I get to hold this one in my arms.
So eventually, we'll have a rainy day, where I don't want to nap, and I'll get started on the baby's room.  But until then....  Oh well, I've got two months.

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"how girls go through PMS when they get older. Not cool."