Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New [to Me] Laptop

This is my first post from my new-to-me (us) laptop.  Paul's parents gave us their old one when they got a new one.  We've had it here for a couple months, but I just haven't had the time or energy to try to learn how to use it.  It's just easier to use the desktop, where all my files and bookmarks are kept.  Plus, we don't have wireless Internet, so either I'm tethered to the desk, or I have a cord strung across the living room.  (To type this, I'm working in "offline" mode.)
And we've talked about wireless, but whereas it does has it's advantages, it does have its disadvantages, too.  So for now we'll stick to the wired type. :)
But I'm determined to learn it.  It's cold now, so I don't have outdoor obligations and distractions, so no excuse to avoid it any longer.  I told Paul this is MY computer, and he won't be playing any games on it (which he does) or installing any games on it (which he has).  Guess I don't threaten convincingly enough.
One reason I wanted a laptop was so that I could work on projects (the bulletin for church, organizing my photos.....blogging) without secluding myself to our front room.  I can sit here in the living room while the boys play or watch a movie, and still kind of interact with them.  One of the reasons I don't want wireless internet is to avoid the temptation to spend all my time that I'm with them on the internet.  I read somewhere that "family time" isn't really family time when the parent spends all the time on their iPhone (or in this case, the computer).  That stuck with me, and it's the same concept.
So, in the future - forgive my typing.  This keyboard and my ape hands don't seem to get along.  Although - with the computer on my lap rather than on a desk, I don't seem to drag across the mouse pad nearly as much.

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