Monday, January 31, 2011

(Un)Health(y) Department

I finally took Jacob in to get his next round of the immunizations we're doing.... Two months late. (I tried earlier.) It was a gorgeous day (another one - we actually had about 3 last week!), and there was no one in there, and we pretty much got right in and out, so I didn't mind the trip, even though Jacob screamed, and I got the usual lecture over our choice of how we do immunizations.
However, while we were there, we let the boys play with the toys. Jacob played on this thing that's like a bunch of big blocks hooked together into a big square with a slide, and Nathan played with a big wire/bead maze.
Apparently both toys were infected, with different diseases. Saturday night, Nathan came down with a stomach bug (he puked all over his own face while in bed). Since he was running a fever, Paul stayed home from church with both boys, even though Jacob wasn't sick.
By the time I came home from church, Jacob was running a fever. He wasn't throwing up, but was acting "off". By evening, his breathing was rasping in and out and he was coughing. The fever wouldn't really go away, even though we kept him dosed with tylenol/ibuprofin.
I guess I don't think of the health department as a place where the toys are dangerous.... I try not to let them play with things at the doctors office, but I guess I was thinking that when kids go to the health department, they have to be healthy to get their shots. But I guess there are other services they offer, and moms bring their kids with them, sick or not.
Thankfully, Nathan's seemed to be a 24-hour bug. He woke up chipper and hungry this morning. But Jacob was still running a fever, and we made the decision to go ahead and take him to the doctor. Generally, I would wait another day or two, but we are supposed to be getting a major winter storm starting today with freezing rain, and ending tomorrow with 40-mph winds and up to a foot of snow. I didn't want to not take him in, and then have him need to see a doctor when we couldn't get out. (Our road drifts shut if there's any substantial amount of snow and wind.)
His fever had subsided by the time we got there, but he was obviously not feeling well - content to sit and let me snuggle him, and not pull stuff off of every shelf and drawer his norm). Thankfully, his ears were clear, but she said he had major drainage in the back of his throat. She went ahead and prescribed an antibiotic to help him get on top of it.
And didn't I just say a few posts ago: this happens every time??? I had a couple of very productive days last week where I was pretty much on top of the house. You should see it now. We were almost completely out of plates (all sizes - big ones, saucers, and salad-sized), and running dangerously low on silverware. Even though the dishwasher was unloaded, we'd just been stacking them on any available surface.
I did load and run the dishwasher, but sad to say, that's about as productive as I'm going to get today. Being up almost all night with Nathan Saturday, then the same routine last night with Jacob, I'm pretty much shot. If I nap today, I can be more productive tomorrow......right?

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Carrie Roer said...

Yuck. There has been a lot of nasty-ness going on around my area too, lots of people young and old coming down with that flu bug. Good idea getting your little one in to a doctor before the storm -- I'm in Michigan and we're supposed to get hit with it hard today and tomorrow, lots and lots of snow! Hoping you have a nice productive day today with healthy kids. :)