Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jenius Award

And the Jenius Award goes to.....
Yesterday, I burned 6 of my fingers in two cooking mis-haps. I should get some type of award.
The first, I burned one finger taking muffins out of the oven. This was an honest mistake... I was using a crocheted hot pad, and even though I had it folded over to avoid it, I ended up sticking my finger through the weave and burning one finger on my right hand. It blistered, but I've had worse.
The second, I was taking a tray of home-made tortilla chips out of the oven. I made a smarter choice in hot pads this time, picked up the tray out of the 450-degree oven with my right hand, then grabbed it with my bare left hand to set it on top of the stove. I have no idea what I was thinking - apparently I wasn't. I burned all 5 fingers on my left hand, with my thumb, index finger and pinkie all having substantial blisters.
I'm a jenius.
And note to self: don't use warm/hot water to wash your hands, even hours after you've gotten a burn. PAIN.

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~ April said...

Owie! I'm so sorry! I burn myself much too often... when Shane is home he wont even let me get things out of the oven because he is sure I'll burn myself again!