Tuesday, September 28, 2010


After two years (or more) of fighting with Nathan about eating vegetables, HE FINALLY ATE GREEN BEANS!!!
I say it's been a fight, but it hasn't really been. There is no arguing. He just wouldn't eat them. At all. We always serve him whatever veggie we're having, and he would ignore them on his plate. If we tried to sneak something green in under a bite of something else the whole mouthful would come back out as soon as he tasted the vegetable.
I've been waiting for the age of negotiations. You know, like, "You can have dessert if you eat your carrots." Or, "We'll watch a movie after you finish your peas." He was getting close to the age where he'd understand that. But I found an altogether unexpected motivator....
"Ooh, look at Jacob eat those green beans! Jacob likes green beans!"
"I want some green beans!"
I about dropped my fork. Green beans is the vegetable we have the most often, so thereby is the one he's refused to eat the most. I kind of held my breath while he forked one into his mouth. He chewed it, laughed, and ate another.
This was last Friday. We tried beans again last night. Same response! And an even more enthusiastic response when I called them "green bean french fries" and showed him how we can eat them with our fingers. (Totally horrible table manners, but it reminds me of how Paul's grandma said she liked to eat green beans.)
I told Paul that I really feel like getting him to eat one green thing will open the door to him eating more green vegetables. Once he realizes it tastes okay even though it's a certain color, he'll be more open to trying other things that are the same color.
I think.
We'll see.


JC said...

Now he knows what he's been missing. I'm salivating at the thought of green beans with onion and bacon right now...

~ April said...

Wonderfu, wonderful!! My youngest (2 1/2) still wont eat any veggies I serve her at all... at least not regular ones. She LOVES to eat babyfood veggies... so I still serve them to her with the regular ones beside it. I figure she is getting the veggie nutrients and the veggie taste... just have to work on texture.

Doug or Janice Rhodes said...