Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Harvest Hitchhikers

An Autumn Tradition Since 2008.

For once, I'd forgotten the camera. (I always have it with me when I end up not needing it, of course.) So all we've got is the low-quality cell phone snapshots.

On our way in to town yesterday, we saw a combine at the corner west of our house. We thought he was harvesting in our area, so later that evening, we told Nathan we'd go see the combine. After driving all over our neighborhood, we never did find where that combine had been harvesting, but we told Nathan we'd find a combine. We finally ended up northeast of Princeton. We've found out that anyone will stop and let you ride in your combine if you've got kids with you. (Paul and Nathan have rode with 3 or 4 different farmers over the last 3 harvests.) Although, I'm not sure who enjoys these adventures more - my husband, or my son.