Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Family Media Detox

I heard a story this morning on K-Love about a family that decided to turn off the TV, turn off the computer, and stay away from Facebook for a month. The family calls it the Family Media Detox. It was just a short blip on K-Love, so I found the family's blog online. I haven't read all of every entry, but it sounds like it was a great thing for their family.
Personally, I would love to try this experiment in our house. We may not be as bad as some, but I definitely see the potential for things to get worse. Nathan wants to veg in front of the TV for an hour whenever he wakes up, and also when he's sleepy. Being the stellar example of parenting that I am, I usually let him watch it. (However, as soon as he stops paying attention to it, I turn it off.... That ought to count for something.) Paul and I both spend too much time on the computer. We don't watch too much TV ourselves, but that's probably due to lack of choices. (We only have antenna stations, no cable or satellite.)
However, Paul isn't on board with this idea. And it's not my place to force it. So things will probably continue the way they are. Which isn't bad, honestly. I just think it could be better.
Any thoughts on this?


~ April said...

I think it is a great idea for older families. For me with young children: I don't allow my children much tv but when I do its because *I* usually need a break... helps me be a better mom. I also make sure what they are watching is educational and age appropriate.

But I can see the benefit if a family isn't connecting anymore because everyone is in front of their own monitor... or husband and wife.

Doug or Janice Rhodes said...

I think it is a great idea.... Maybe in time Paul will see the benefit....
None of us realize how much time we spend on these things...time we should be reading...or praying....or practicing....or working..... or just being still. The more I know about the adverse affect of screens on children and their learning,the more concerned I get for the average child of today. An hour a day is too much. Creativity is killed. Imagination is smothered. ....eyesight is affected....hyperactivity encouraged.......enuf of my soapbox for today....

The Shupaloops said...

My daily routine seems to mirror yours quite a bit. Educational tv has actually shown to be beneficial towards children if you keep it to a minimum, like an hour a day. Jack probably watches more like an hour and a half, due to no naps some days.(And I would like it somewhat quiet while I get the baby down)So I have tried to leave all my guilt at the door, becasue at the end of the day I know I am a good mom and so are you!

Jim Bennett said...

Thanks for mentioning and I wish I could assure your husband that the nearly-immediate blessings he would see in himself and his family would be ample incentive to try it for at least a week.

We are headed into the final week of the experiment and have become so overwhelmed by the blessings it has brought that we are selling one television and donating the other to the church. I can't believe I'm saying that, but it's true!

Two families - one in Ohio and the other in Arkansas - have decided to take the challenge as well!


Pastor Jim Bennett