Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Too Many Clothes!

Am I the only one that struggles with this?  I have SO MANY CLOTHES!!!!
We have (had) only 4 closets in our entire house.  (And only two of those were original to the house.)  One upstairs, a shared closet between the bedrooms (that we use as an attic), and three on the main floor, in our bedroom.  One of those was our hanging-clothes closet, and the other was a multi-purpose storage closet (with photo albums, games, sewing/crafts), etc.  The last closet we repurposed into a headboard area for our bed, to gain space in our room.  When we built the basement, our hanging clothes closet disappeared to make room for the stairway.
Knowing we were going to be down two closets by the end of summer, I did a HUGE clothes purge this spring for our annual garage sale  But I STILL have a 4-drawer dresser stuffed completely full, a 3-foot "portable" wardrobe (also full), two extra drawers in a Rubbermaid dresser full of socks and underthings, a shelf-full of sweaters, and an under-bed box of off-season clothes.  AND I DON'T SHOP FOR CLOTHES!!!!!
It's seriously a dilemma for me.  I feel like I can't get rid of clothes, because they are either 1/stained and/or frayed enough that no one would want to buy them at Goodwill or a garage sale, or 2/still practically brand new so I feel like I haven't gotten my (or more often, someone else's) money out of them.  (A lot of my clothing has been gifts.  People must think I need help in the fashion department.)
So what do I do?  Keep wearing the "every day" things I have been wearing (paint-stained exercise pants  and promotional t-shirts) until they fall apart, or wear my nicer shirts and sweaters so I can feel that I look nice and am getting the worth out of an article of clothing, even though they very well may get ruined in the course of the day?
For now, I'll go back and do the THIRD major clothing purge of the year.  If I don't love it and haven't worn it in a year, it's going.

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