Friday, August 1, 2014

Station Break

So in the span of three weeks, we have had/will have....

  • music at a wedding (and don't forget rehearsal!)
  • VBS, at 8:30 AM each morning
  • surgery
  • recovery from said surgery (still in progress)
  • Horses, Boots, and Bibles kids day camp
  • music for said camp, at 8 AM each morning
  • music for another wedding (and don't forget rehearsal!)
  • helping with launch and return of women for Encounter (There's still time to register, ladies!)
And don't forget, our house is still in shambles through all of this.
And surprisingly, I'm not stressed!  I guess that's the comfort of knowing God's in control. 
I will update progress on the house.... Some day.  After next weekend.  Or maybe before..... 

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