Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kids at Church

I am revisiting my views on children in the worship service.  I was challenged on this by Rob Reinow, the speaker at last year's Awana conference in our area.
In Scripture, the children are present in their times of worship.  He pointed out that in the last century, we have come up with a "better" way of reaching children at church.  But looking at the numbers of teens and young adults walking away from their faith..... Something's not working.
So Paul and I made the decision to be in charge of our children's spiritual growth.  We're not leaving it up to just what they learn in church.  And one of those decisions was keeping our kids with us in the corporate worship service, so we share in that time and can discuss it during the week.

Which is easy when your kids do this during church:

But not so easy when you have a dramatic daughter who always ends up causing a scene when you walk away to do offertory.  

I'm not sure I think that kids should be this involved in the service. :)
I took her to that side of the church to sit with her grandparents (who sit next to the piano), but she followed me up to the bench.  It was easier just to leave her there than cause a scene.  And she did very well!  She only touched the keys once, and when she noticed everyone watching her, she sat very soberly and quietly.
Maybe she can start playing offertory next year. :)

Anyhow.  The top thoughts were just so there was something of substance to post with these pictures.  (Thanks to my sis Carlsie for taking the candid photos!)

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The Other Rachel said...

Our church doesn't even have a nursery, just a cry room in the back of the sanctuary. I really like that the kids (ALL OF THEM) are expected to be part of the service, but it does make wrangling a toddler pretty exhausting. :-P