Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Almost Human

It's amazing how a decent night's sleep can make me feel almost human again.
After a major regression on Gideon's sleep over the weekend, last night we had our first (since birth!) what I would call "normal" night of sleep with him.  He fell asleep around 10, and slept until 2:30.  I nursed him (and fell asleep in the recliner) and then put him back in his bed around 3:30.  He settled in right away.  (Most times I have to pat him for several minutes and give him the pacifier.)  He slept there til 5:30.  Then I was lazy, since Paul was working nights, and I put him in bed with me til my alarm went off at 7.
He's been in our bed a LOT the last couple weeks, and whereas it's better than holding him in the recliner all night, it's still not the same as out-like-a-log, soaking-the-pillow-with-drool SLEEP.  So even though I didn't go to bed til midnight (first chance in a while to fold laundry and clean our bedroom!), I still got over 4 hours of unaccompanied sleep.  Bliss!
And I feel like I could conquer the world this morning!  Here's hoping that last night was the first night of a new normal!

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