Saturday, August 31, 2013

Remember These Things?

Before Facebook took over the universe, these were all over MySpace.  I used to see them on Facebook, but either people don't do them any more, or it's just hard to see it when they do.
So I don't know what they're called - surveys, quizzes, or whatever - I call them, "Paul's at work, and I'm bored."
And here's another one.  So by all means, please fill this out for yourself!  I love reading people's answers on these things!

1. What is your favorite weather?
Mid-70s with bright sunshine and a slight breeze.  (Which we had for a solid week this month - in August!  How awesome is that??)
2. Do you put Ranch dressing on pizza?
3. Do you know where the high-beam indicator is on your dashboard?
Not really.  I think it's between the speedometer and the gas gauge.
4. Which of your friends lives furthest away and how did you meet?
Friend is Esther - we were roommates in college.  She was older than my parents and from Germany, and I was totally nervous about living with her, but she was one of the most awesome people I have ever met.  
But my sister lives even further away, in Zambia, Africa. :(  But only for 2 more months!!!
5. Is your second toe longer than your big toe?
Yes.  It's a sign of perfection. :)
6. What is your favorite meal to eat?
Tuscan-marinated ribeye, with potatoes and green beans.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.
7. What is your favorite meal to cook?
Whatever is fast!  
Actually, I love making "farm hand" meals with all the trimmings, when I know people are going to love it - whether my husband and kids, or friends and family.  Any meal made for someone else that you know they'll enjoy is a pleasure to prepare.
8. What is your favorite outfit to wear?
Ha!  I seriously wore my pajama dress all day today.  And this isn't a fair question since I'm preggo.
9. What is the cutest thing you’ve seen lately?
My daughter asleep, using her pillow as a body pillow.  I don't care what kind of day I have, if I go look at my children after they're asleep, I will come down with a smile on my face.
10. How do you wear your fingernails?
Short.  And usually un-painted, although they were so stained from cutting up plums that I did paint them last week.
11. As an adult, what is your favorite children’s movie or show?
12. What was your favorite movie or show as a child?
I had so many.  But I have to say Homeward Bound was pretty close to the top.  (Still a favorite as an adult.)
13. Do you care which way the toilet paper comes off the roll?
No.  The holder is usually empty anyways at our house.  Besides, ours hangs vertically, so that takes care of that little dilemma.
14. Do you have an irrational fear of an everyday thing?
Actually, I do.  I am terrified of falling down the stairs.  Mainly because at least twice a day, I am carrying a child down the stairs.  (We have a flight of 15 very steep wooden stairs.)
15. What is one thing that will always make you gag?
Vomit from anyone besides my kids.  (Being a mom has apparently made me slightly tougher, and I can clean up after the kids without gagging.  Still working on serving my husband that way.....)
And hair when it's not attached to something.  Cleaning out my hair brush or - even worse, gagging just thinking about it - the roller bar on the vacuum.  And seriously gagging now - cleaning out a drain plug.
16. What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on?
Our honeymoon.  We went to the deep south in the springtime.  We spent 3 nights at a plantation mansion bed and breakfast, and then 3 nights at a bed and breakfast on Mobile Bay.  (Now I want to go back......)
17. What’s your favorite dessert?
Warm apple pie and ice cream.  (Now I'm craving that....)
18. What’s an unusual food that you don’t like?
Raw carrots.
19. Do you have a popular musician or band that you don’t care for?
David Crowder.  Just don't care for his voice or the lyrics.  Most of the time the choruses are great, but the verses are really obscure.
20. Do you eat the pie crust?  What about pizza crust?
Definitely, to both!  Pizza crust is made for dipping in Ranch!
21. What’s your favorite convenience food?
For myself or my kids?  Hot dogs are the most oft consumed convenience food in this house.
22. Do you have an odd overused word or phrase?
Although I've noticed that I use "so" as a filler when I'm talking to someone and the conversation isn't flowing smoothly (like with an older person).  I didn't notice that I did this, until I noticed my brother did it and I thought it was weird.  Then I listened to myself do the exact same thing.
23. Do you have any recurring dreams?
I used to have one when I was younger that I can't describe.....  (I can't describe it because I seriously don't know what it is - it's just "something.")  Then my niece described a dream that she has sometimes, and it's the same one - and my sister (her mom) had the same one, and I think our other sister said she did too.  How weird is that???
But I have dreams about all my teeth or hair falling out.  (Obviously two things I'm vain about.)  Also that I am trying to lead worship either in the dark (so I can't see my music), or that my music is lost, or that I have music, but I am expected to lead a song that I've never heard before.
24. What’s an odd kitchen utensil that you use a lot?
Pastry knife?  Is that odd?
25. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Depends on the day.  Although I had a Fried Ice Cream flavor once that was amazing!  (I think it was a Breyer's limited edition thing.) Why don't they pair ice cream and cinnamon more often?
26. What’s a favorite food you could eat every day?
Bruschetta on Italian toast.  Mmm......
27. What’s your most embarrassing moment?
Ha.  Okay.  So when my sister-in-law graduated from high school, her family took a trip to Silver Dollar City and they invited me.  (She and I were friends of our own accord.  I liked Paul, and he knew that before we went.)  So he spent the whole weekend pestering me (totally mixed signals).  We went to the night show at their Amphitheater, and he left for the Intermission and purposely pushed me as he left, and so I figured I'd get him back (we were so juvenile).  When he came back down, I stuck my foot out to trip him.  He was carrying nachos and a pop.  He dropped the nachos on the older lady's head in front of us.  She had cheese all over her hair and sweatshirt.  I was so embarrassed I spent the rest of the show trying not to cry.  (Incidentally, the lady was awesome about it.  She was like, "Oh a bird pooped on me earlier, so this is no big deal!")
28. What is a food you avoid buying, because you can’t avoid eating it if it’s in the house?
Um.  Anything snacky.  Salt is my weakness.
29. Do you prefer to stay home or go out?
Home, definitely.  And I really do enjoy staying and being at home.  But I think that's why I enjoy it when we do go out, because it's definitely a treat.
30. Any other random things you want to share?
It took me 40 minutes to fill this thing out.  Short, to-the-point answers obviously aren't my thing.  :)
Then I spent another 20 minutes editing it for uniformity, because I'm OCD like that.

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