Sunday, August 11, 2013

Allow Me to Excuse Myself.....

I typed this last week.  It took 5 days to remember to get it posted.  Such is my life right now.

So, someone I know in the Eastern Hemisphere kindly reminded me I haven't updated my blog in.... a long time.
Allow me to offer my excuses:
First off, I've been sick.  I got sick a month ago, thought I was well, and then after a weekend at Women's Encounter (and only about 10 hours of sleep total all weekend), the cold came back with a vengeance.  Over the last week, I have been coughing so hard I pee myself and have to wear a pad all the time.  (Not a pantyliner, an overnight pad.  So attractive.)  I'm pretty sure I've popped myself a hemorrhoid, and my hernia has doubled in size.  I'm coughing that hard.
In the midst of this, I am trying to find the house for the mess.  We've had rain every day for the last week and a half - not complaining about that! - but that means the boys and their mess have moved inside.  There is a constant supply of mud to play in, which means multiple wardrobe changes and baths a day.  I don't discourage the mud-playing for the most part, because they're boys.  But after the third set of clothes, I may say something.
Then there's the things that I really need to get to.  Like weeding the garden or flowerbeds.  Or cleaning our bedroom - which I'm questioning whether I've cleaned since Zadie has been born.  Or practicing wedding music for a wedding we'll be playing at in a month.  Or sorting and putting away Zadie's out-grown, and soon-to-grow-into clothes.  Or - this is a big one - going through my curriculum and deciding what we're going to use for Nathan's school this fall.  (Yeah.  School starts in less than a month, on Labor Day.)
So can you tell where blogging ranks on my list?

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