Friday, March 1, 2013

Overheard: (I've got a backlog.)

Nathan:  Mrs. Dean [his Sunday school teacher] said God made Adam and Eve out of dust.  But she is wrong.  God didn't make Eve out of dust.  He made her out of Adam's nipple.

Jacob (As he positions himself in front of the toilet to go potty):
"When I'm big, and I'm a daddy, I'm going to have a big......"
(Nathan yells something.)
"When I'm big, and I'm a daddy, I'm going to have a big...."
(Gets distracted again.)
"Mommy, when I'm big I'm going to be a daddy, I'm going to have a big...."
(Yet again distracted.)
Me:  "Jacob, what's going to happen when you get big?"
Jacob:  "I'm going to be a daddy, and I'll have a big.... combine!"

(What did you think he was going to say?  Yeah, I'm 99% sure "combine" wasn't where he was originally headed with that thought.)

Me [working on identifying numbers for school]:  "Grammy is almost 55.  Can you find 55 on the number board?"
Nathan:  "Or.... Grammy is almost 100."

(In Mom's defense, Dad will be "almost 100" before she will be.)

Zadie:  Daa.  (As she reached her hand out to Paul while watching him play violin.)
She's starting to babble like whatever she's saying is making perfect sense in her brain.  She is also understanding things we say.  You should have seen the absolute hissy fit she threw when I told her "no" to playing with the humidifier the other day - whooee!

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