Friday, March 1, 2013

Going Wireless

Well, we're finally out of the dark ages, and we got a wireless router at our house.
We'd not done it for two reasons:  1/ I'm cheap, and didn't want to buy a wireless router when we had a perfectly good wired one.  And 2/ I waste enough time at the computer without being able to be comfortable in a recliner while wasting said time.
My parents passed a wireless router to us.  Paul hooked it up, and here we are!  It seems to be a bit slower as wireless, so his computer and the XBox are still wired, but my laptop is free to roam.
And surprisingly, when I roam with it, I've used it more in the kitchen than any other place (other than the desk).  Currently, I'm standing at the kitchen counter, eating my lunch, listening to Rush Limbaugh, while watching the boys play outside in the snow.
It's so much easier to multi-task when you can bring the computer to where you are.  Search something, stir supper while the page loads (yes, we have slow internet and actually have to wait more than one second for stuff to load).
I'm thinking I'm going to like this.......

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