Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm So Behind!

I apologize all the time for lack of writing. Really, I think of stuff all the time that I want to write about, and I have about 147 pictures I want to post, including pictures of our vacation and Jacob's first birthday - TWO MONTHS AGO. But I just don't think of it at convenient times.
Right now I'm in the middle of trying to get Christmas cards sent out (I've got the cards bought and the letter almost finished), and we're in the middle of a plumbing and insulation project under the house (a week and a half and counting....).
Well, both boys are fighting over a toy while on my lap, and I have gifts to wrap. We are doing seriously minimalistic Christmas this year, so whereas I've only bought 8 gifts, I only have about 3 left (total; that includes individual gifts for the boys). We've talked about buying them more, but then it becomes about the STUFF, and I am trying to avoid that.
Anyhow. Need to turn the TV off and get on things. I'd like to get the kitchen clean today, for the first time in about two weeks.........

2 comments: said...

Meatloaf recipe was great!
Anymore you want to share?

The Shupaloops said...

We are doing a small Christmas this year too. Jack has more than enough toys (he's getting a bike and that's about it), plus gifts from family, and we got a new computer because the old one kicked the bucket. Getting my cards out Monday. Can't wait to get yours. Merry Christmas!