Friday, November 19, 2010


My friend April isn't new to blogging, but rather I am new to reading her blog. April and I lived together for just three months back in the autumn of 2000, while I was going to school in Kansas City. We lost touch, but then found each other on Facebook and have started keeping tabs on each other again. She has some wonderful thoughts, and if you read my friends' blogs, I encourage you to read hers (she has two).

And in other "blog link" news..... The deadline is coming for some of you. After so long of not posting anything new, I'll delete the link. Harsh, but true.

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~ April said...

Did we live together only 3 months?! Wow! You were the best roomate I ever had, seriously! I guess I just felt like we fit well so it seemed like I knew you so much longer!