Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It's been a long while since I've updated, so here's what's going on, and what's on my mind - in no particular order.
Let the rambling begin.
I'm ready for spring. The seed catalogs have been coming in the mail. And I know I need to get my stuff ordered to have it here for when it actually DOES warm up.
I'm tired of mud. It's either bitterly cold with wind, or it's slightly above freezing and sloppy. I'm ready for dry weather.
I'm trying to teach Nathan about emotions. It's really hard when he's in the middle of a meltdown to explain to him that not eating breakfast OR lunch makes him feel upset and sad and angry. So far he's got sleepy and sad and scared. Although the scared he just uses when he's being silly. And it's also hard to make a hungry two-year-old understand why he needs to eat food and not just drink milk. (I think he could put away a half gallon a day if we let him.)
We're also working on colors. He knows the names of most of the colors, and knows there's a difference, but can't always peg the right color to the right name. Tonight, he got red, orange, blue, and green on items in the bathroom, but then got stumped on purple. And he recognizes pink. And likes saying it. That's just weird. (Most kids I've babysat just call pink, orange, and red all "red" at first.)
Jacob is getting huge. At his last appointment, he weighed in at 15 pounds! He pretty much blasted right through 3-6 month clothes. He's now in 6-9 month size (at 3 1/2 months). He doesn't seem that big to me - maybe it's just the way he's proportioned. He's rolling over now - both ways, and trying hard to sit up. I was sure he was about to pop a tooth, but a month later, it's still not in. He does still have that white spot on his gum (and no, it's not thrush). But I think it's more or less just a callous from chewing so much. His poor little fingers are taking a lot of abuse these days. Those teeth have GOT to be close! He's a really smiley guy - he smiles all the time, and loves making gurgly giggles. He just makes me smile! He really is a happy baby.
Jacob is having surgery in April for his undecended testicle. They will do an orthoscope surgery to go in and look for it, make sure there actually is a second one, and then begin the process of drawing it down. It will take a second surgery to finish everything. The good thing is, it's a very "minor" surgery, and he won't really have any down time. I'm just nervous about the fact that they have to put him under to do it.
Paul's work is coming out of the recession, I guess. They are hiring back the fourth shift that they laid off almost a year ago. I'm really happy about this, because him working 60 hours a week really cuts into my nagging time. :) March 1 they're supposed to go back to the old schedule. It's weird, but it's predictable. And he'll be almost twice as much as he is right now.
I've been doing good with my new resolution to quit wasting time. Some days I find myself parked in front of the computer when I should be doing other stuff. I've found that shutting the computer down really makes it easy to not just plop down to check my email and Facebook whenever I have a couple extra minutes (knowing I'll have to wait 10 minutes for it to boot up really takes away some of the appeal). I've come to realize that I'm not that important. If I get an email or a Facebook comment and don't respond to it immediately, the world is not going to end. The house looks good, though. My mom hasn't been over to recently, but if she did, I'm pretty sure she'd die. Or think I was dying. Or ask if someone died and we were going to be hosting guests. (I have a bit of a reputation as a slob.) It's a bit cluttered right now (result of a two-year-old and laundry day), but a half hour would whip it into shape.
We didn't give in to the Valentine's hype this year. I think every year we've done a little something - and I do mean little... A card usually is it. This year I baked Paul a caramel apple pie (with heart cutouts in the crust and red sugar sprinkled on top), and he told me "Happy Valentine's Day," as soon as we woke up. But that's it. Usually we save up for "our" romantic day (as opposed to "everyone's" romantic day) in March for our anniversary. But being as Jacob is nursing and has decided he's no longer interested in taking a bottle..... It's not going to be anything big this year, and will probably be restricted to after Jacob's in bed. My brother gave me AMC tickets "to be used for Fork & Screen", so that's what we're planning on doing. (And I'm taking suggestions for movies, since I am SO out of the loop when it comes to what's out right now!)
I'm working on getting rid of some stuff. We just don't have room for so much stuff. So right now I'm trying to weed out some clothes, shoes, and jackets that I only wear because I'm obligated to because they're in my closet - not because I love wearing them. I realize that by holding on to "things" I'm keeping someone else from being able to have something that they may really need. There may be a single mom out there that desperately needs dress shoes for a job interview, yet can't find them at Goodwill because I think it's necessary to have four pairs of brown dress shoes. Things like that I'm trying to cut out. I wish Nathan was old enough to understand giving to those less fortunate, because we could get rid of some toys, too. The toy situation was under control until we brought out the baby toys. Now we're bursting at the seams.
Speaking of "toys" - Nathan has really started loving his tricyle. (Which - why do we say it "sickle" when the singular is "cycle"? Maybe because bi-cycle just sounds awkward?) Anyways. Tricycle. That's where we were....
He rides the trike all over the house, makes the "L" shape from our living room to the bathroom, does a three point turn, then back again. He's getting really good at backing it up. He's got a little "trunk" between the back wheels that he stores all manner of treasures in. If I'm missing something - say my hairbrush, or a measuring tape, or my cell phone - that's one of the first places I look. He calls it his "bike" or sometimes even his "motorcycle". So when he accidentally rolls it off the big step into the fireplace room, I call him Evil Kneivel. He doesn't get it. (See - in "motorcycle" we pronounce the "cycle" correctly! Gaah - English!)
And may I just say, I LOVE the show Chuck. I just finished up watching Season 2 on DVD. I even let Nathan watch it with me some - that's how decent of a show it is! There were a couple fight sequences I distracted him during (don't want him to get any ideas), but otherwise.... I think it's a great show. The characters are perfectly cast.
Jacob is waking up to eat. Better get to it. You get an idea of what's going on now, at least. :)

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