Saturday, January 30, 2010

"I Can't."

So Nathan's newest phrase is, "I can't." He said it for the first time yesterday morning, and has said it four hundred million times since then.
"Nathan, can you hand me Jacob's towel [burp rag]?"
"No, I tant."

"Nathan, can you put your toys away?"
"No, I tant."

"Nathan, can you please shut the fridgerator door?"
"I taaaant."

"Nathan, can you please stop being so noisy?"
"I tant. Nooo, I tant!"

"Nathan, can you help Mommy sweep?"
"I tant."

"Nathan, let's go potty." [this after him telling me he needed to go potty]
"[whining] I tant!"

"Nathan, go upstairs to your room if you're going to throw a fit."
"I TANT! [major fit crying] I TAAAAANT!"

Nathan, how 'bout you go mix mommy a stiff drink, 'cause she's gonna need it to make it through another day of this!


Rachel said...

And from this morning:
"Nathan, please put on your boots."
"I tant."

"Nathan, do you want more lunch?"
"Nope, I tant."

"Hey, Nathan. I love you!"
"I tant."

The Shupaloops said...

That sounds a lot like a little boy who lives hundreds of miles away. We have really been pushing Jack lately to say no a little nicer, sharing, listening, the works. So this is his new thing. We are getting out of the car and I tell (key word, tell) him to come take a bag. And his response is, "NO! I. Don't. Wan't. Too." In a lovely bratty voice. And I say,"Jaaaack, is that how we talk?" And he replies,"No thank you mama. Thanks for asking, but no thank you I don't want too." So ever since then, whenever I tell him to do something it is a very nice, "No thank you." So somehow we have to teach him the difference between asking and telling. I'm sure it'll take a few years.

Brooke said...

How do they figure out so perfectly how to push our buttons?! You've heard Glenna's little phrase. Things that wouldn't bother me if she said "no" to are suddenly a battle because she can't say a simple "no"- it's "no WAY!" I've been trying to "replace the phrase" every time she says it (with "no thank you" in this case,) but she's figured out it gets to me and uses it with a vengeance. Two-year-olds are exhausting.

Doug or Janice Rhodes said...

He was sooo good Sunday morning....keep hanging in there Mom and Dad too.
Mom R

Tiffany said...

I hate to tell you guys but I think 3 was worse than two.