Friday, September 11, 2009

Coming Right Along

The crew in force: Uncle Charles, Grandpa Chuck, Nathan (field testing the product), Doug, and Paul.

We finished the major part of the swingset today - setting the swing beam. And I say "we" loosely. I informed Paul's dad that we could use some help, and he arrived this evening with the cavalry - Paul's grandpa and uncle who are visiting from Medicine Lodge. The four of them did all the work, while I watched and criticized (not really)(okay, maybe).
Pretty much all we have left is building a ladder (Paul got it half done tonight), and putting some railing around the slide platform. We're also going to build a large sandbox from under the slide platform out to the end of the slide (there's a bit of concrete there that needs covered with something softish). We also are going to add something on where the swing beam hangs over the A-frame. We just haven't decided whether to do a swing bar (trapeeze-like thingy), which Nathan would love now, or a glider-type thing that two kids can play on.
Nathan loves the slide. We got a bit more of an angle on it than we thought it would have, and he can get some air going over the bump in the middle. He thinks that's hillarious. He even tried going down on his belly a few times. We've got to get that ladder fixed so I don't have to keep lifting him up to the platform - although he's found out he can climb the slide with a bit of help.
Paul tried out the swings - as did Uncle Charles. (I had to go set up for a baby shower, so I didn't get to see this.) Apparently they're pretty comfortable for adults as well - although I'm going to wait until I'm slightly less pregnant before I give it a try.
I'm proud of the job my husband has done. Even when I've tried to get him to be a little less picky about it, he's been very careful to make sure everything is level and square. He says "if you want it to last, you gotta do it right."
And, most importantly, Nathan loves it. That's all that matters.

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