Monday, June 29, 2009


I didn't realize it's been over a week since I posted anything.
Nothing has happened, really. It's been so dang hot (100+ and about 80% humidity) that I do as little as possible. Not to mention the computer room is the hottest one in the house. Plus, last week Paul was working nights, and I've found it's impossible for me to stay awake when both he and Nathan are asleep.
Luckily, this week is supposed to be only in the mid-80s all week. We worked outside last night and it was GORGEOUS - even without a breeze. There was no humidity. Ahh....
I picked the last of the peas last night. It was the best crop we've had thus far (in four years), but still pretty pathetic for three rows (about 2 mop buckets from 3 pickings). They looked pretty good, but then we got a wind (80mph) and hail storm just when they were almost ready. Of course. Can we not have ONE year of gardening without a natural disaster???
Green beans are starting to come on. I picked a quart or so and we had them for supper last week - green beans, ham, and potatoes. Quite scrumptuous.
My tomatoes are putting on, but not ready yet. I have two I've been watching that were the first on the vine, thinking they'll start to turn orange any day now. But as of last night, they're just barely yellow. Hmm... Hope they all don't take so long!
I have one teeny tiny itsy bitsy cucumber on the vine. It's about time! That plant has been blooming for two weeks. But I know once it starts producing, it won't stop. I'm glad we'll have some in time for this weekend.
We harvested all the radishes, and I've been enjoying them on salads (with lettuce from the garden). My spinach produced one single plant in the whole planting (old seed, I'm guessing), so no fresh spinach salads (the epitome of summertime eating). I got four beets out of what I planted (1/4 a row or so). Which is fine, because I still have some canned from last year to use up. The carrots look decent, but are pretty sparse. I was hoping for a good crop to entice Nathan to eat vegetables. (My thought was if he sees them growing and us picking them, washing them, etc, he'd be interested.)
No dice on getting him to eat peas straight from the pod. (I'm not a fan, either, but will do anything to get him to eat something green!) Paul and I would show him how to open the pod, and pop a few in our mouths and make a big deal about it. He'd get curious and put one in his mouth, chew it a few times, then spit it out. When I picked the last handful last night while pulling the vines, he picked one up and opened it and said, "Mmm, mmm, MMMMM." (So cute!) I got all excited that he would actually try one - but he took them out and put them in MY mouth. Oh well. We'll keep trying.
He loves the sweet corn, though - at least playing hide and seek in it. When we're outside, half the time he wanders out to the garden just to walk up and down the rows of corn. I don't know why he likes it so much. Maybe he'll like eating it.
Speaking of sweet corn - it's about time to put the fence up. The corn is tasseling, and the watermelon are blooming. This year at least we had the ingenuity to plant them side-by-side to protect all in one fell swoop.
Well, I need to finish the kitchen (it's been over a week since it's been deep cleaned), and get the peas frozen. I think I'll have a tall glass of lemonade first for refreshing and a sugar-high-kick-in-the-butt.

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