Monday, June 8, 2009

Halfway There

So I'm 20 weeks pregnant, which is halfway to full-term. It kind of seems like the first half has dragged - maybe (hopefully!) the next half will go faster. I'm not looking forward to the hot weather. This is what I get for saying I never wanted to be pregnant during the summer.
We had a sonogram on Friday, and everything looks good. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see much of the sonogram. Since we're not finding out if we're going to have a boy or girl, they kept the screen turned away from me so I didn't accidentally see any pertinent parts (or lack thereof). Paul was sitting at the foot of the bed and he got to see everything. (Which I'm glad of, because when we had our first sonogram with this baby, he spent almost the whole time in the hall with a screaming Nathan.) I was kind of hoping that they'd move my due date closer, but no such luck.

And the second half is when you REALLY grow......

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Tricia said...

You look great! When I found out what were having with Gabbie (at 23 weeks) I was still wearing my regular jeans. You couldn't really tell by looking that I was pregnant. I love being pregnant, so I wish I was more like you! Enjoy it!