Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Typical Family Get-Together

It seems like we can't have a holiday get-together with Paul's family without someone getting sick. It seems like almost every holiday we spend with a part of his extended family someone is sick (the unpleasant barfing kind of sick), or gets sick immediately thereafter. (Not his immediate family - his cousins, aunts, grandparents, etc.)
So far, I have avoided this unpleasantness. I attribute it to my iron-clad digestive system.
However, Easter night, I came down with the Bubonic plague (it felt like, anyways).
But this time I can't attribute it to Paul's family, even though that's who we spent Easter Sunday with. SOMEONE (no name) in my family brought it to my parents house, and as a result of spending Friday and Saturday working cattle with my family, I picked up the dread disease.
As did my mother.
And my sister.
And my grandmother.
And my father.
Needless to say, certain disease carriers are heretofore banned from any family gatherings if they have been sick anytime in the last two months, or if there is any current hint of illness.
At first, I blamed my upset stomach on the fact that I ate nonstop from dinner to suppertime, since I felt better after the first upheaval. But after the fourth (seven hours later) I was pretty sure I could no longer blame it on overeating.
But lets just say that this has definitely cured any craving for pickles I've had. I'm not sure I'll be able to eat a pickle again for years.
By Monday night, I thought I felt better, but was scared to eat anything. But my rumbling stomach made me want to throw up (not sure why it works that way), so I had Paul bring home the only thing that sounded good to me: McDonald's french fries.
Apparently the miracle cure-all. I woke up Tuesday morning and didn't feel as if I'd been sick at all.
However, the thought of eating any of the leftovers in the fridge makes me want to throw up again. Maybe it's just me, but whatever I ate right before I get sick, I subconsciously blame as the reason for my getting sick, and therefore cannot eat it after I'm feeling well. So I just put all the leftovers in the freezer for sometime in a month or two when I've forgotten about this horridness. Even the green grapes make me feel green. But the purple grapes I just bought for a baby shower this weekend don't affect me that way.
Weird, I know.
The only problem with this is, the only thing that sounds good is junk food/fast food. Since the McD's fries, I have had: Sonic breakfast burrito, diet limeade (courtesy of my boss), chocolate pudding, Sonic frito chili cheese wrap, scrambled eggs (I did manage to cook this morning), sonic cheddar bites, and sun chips. Which apparently means I'm well, because I'm pretty sure if anything would come up or go through me, this diet would induce it.
I told Paul I'd cook tomorrow. After I find the kitchen. Kitchen=food=gag for two straight days, so..... It's bad.

And that was the highlight of our Easter weekend.

Actually, Easter service was the highlight. This was just the big dimmer that really quelched the glow from Sunday morning.

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JC said...

So...doesn't that effectively ban "certain disease carriers" for good, since it seems they rarely go for two months without getting sick?
PS - I must be the mutant in the I still don't have it. Though, even the slightest stomach rumble has me on pins and needles...