Monday, April 27, 2009

The Easy Way to Get a Snake Out of Your Yard

Mr. Snake, meet Mr. Cub Cadet.
(Notice how I even managed to get him outside of the yard into the neighboring cow pasture in one easy step.)
In my defense, for you animal lovers, I had no idea that he was in the grass. I was mowing along then hit what sounded like a good-sized tree branch. I was like, "What the deuce?"
Not that I would have tried to avoid it if I had known it. Pretty sure I would have swerved to be sure I got it. Snakes that size have no business in our yard where a one-year-old plays.


Doug or Janice Rhodes said...


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EKH said...

what kind of snake is that?

Rachel said...

We tried to figure it out, but it's hard to tell because each snake has different markings - so the one they show a picture of may look completely different than the one in another picture.
I think we narrowed it down to a kingsnake. We decided it wasn't a poisonous snake based on the shape of its head (all of the poisonous snakes have large defined heads).
But still - it was big enough (about two inches in diameter) to make me uncomfortable with Nathan really starting to explore things on his own (meaning he's wandering the yard while I'm weeding the garden).