Friday, December 29, 2017

Photo Overload, Part 2

These are coming from two phones and a camera, on two computers.... Sorry if there are duplicates.
Not in chronological order.

Not a fan of photo attacks.

Petting the stingrays at the Omaha Zoo, May 2017.

Somebody was over it.  (In the aquarium tunnel)

Who needs eclipse glasses when Pa-Pa Carl bought a whole box of welder helmets at an auction??  (At Weatherby Lake, south of KCI Airport - total eclipse....and cloudy.)

Attempt at a wall-worthy siblings photo... In their paramilitary gear.

This pretty much sums up every single time these three get together.  (best friend Charlie)

Spent a couple days with Uncle Jono and Aunt Sissy and explored the Fort Scott area.

My parents celebrated their 40th Anniversary in September.

Aunt Renda takes Zadie on girls days.  Which must include Starbucks, apparently.

100% turd.

Guys hunting trip, November 2017

This one has a proclivity for black eyes.  This one earned from walking in front of a swinging sibling.

We excercised self-expression with hair cuts their mom didn't fully approve of.

Showing me his pet beetles.  (We had a bit of an infestation with black beetles this summer.)

She discovered boots.  And so much cute!!!

Decided to try the potty in October, and that's all it took!

That is a snake.

Traumatic and dramatic first tooth.

She's getting big!

One of the joys of homeschooling.

No pants, no problem!

"Cheese!"  (every time she sees the camera)
And here's proof that I'm still alive, [mostly] sane, and not [completely] gray yet!
Happy New Year!

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