Monday, June 9, 2014

Even Superwoman Can't Do It All

This past weekend, I finished re-finishing a wardrobe, and I canned over 70 pints of jellies (pear honey, plum, and "plumple") from juices in the freezer.  Feats of a Superwoman, am I right?
Or not.
You should see the house.  It is a huge pile, from one end to the other.  Laundry, toys, trash, mail, laundry, fans (it's been cool enough to turn off the a/c), school books, shoes, laundry, cleaning supplies, laundry......
(I may be a bit behind on the laundry......)
But all these Super Heroes have a butler to do their housework, so I don't feel too bad.

Not that I'm an obsessive person (cough, cough), but I got a wardrobe from my parents that they had built for my sister's room.....  20 years ago?  (No way.....)  It has been in their garage for the last 6 or 7 years, and since we'll be losing a closet in our room, we are suddenly needing space for hanging clothes.  We brought it home last Thursday, and I got it sanded down, re-stained, and 2 coats of polyurethane on it in a week.  All I'm needing is some hardware and someone willing to help Paul carry it inside.  (I call pansy on this.  I don't want to be the one responsible for dinging or scratching it.... Much easier to forgive someone else than myself.)  It wasn't even on my radar to do it, but it gave me an excuse to avoid housework, so I've been working on it every free chance I get.
So here's a sneak peek:

Not gonna lie..... Pretty dang pleased with the results.

The weather has been perfect the last few days, so we've enjoyed lots of outside time.  This one got to spend time on the blanket, enjoying the sights and sounds of the outdoors.
And practicing sitting up!
Oh!  My!  Goodness!!!

These three have been eating outside a lot.  Mainly because they can't find the dining room table under the pile.  But I thought they were just too cute all lined up on the bench.

We had a round of illness go through the kids last week.  I took this one because Jacob got red "freckles" from throwing up.  I feel so bad, his face breaks out in these tiny broken blood vessels every time he pukes.
So that was a little gross back story to a picture that will steal your heart.
Can you say "puppy dog eyes"?

Gideon got to taste his first sweet corn.  Even before he had actual baby food.  He got very in to the corn cob......

And look what I taught these guys to do!  I'm looking forward to the day I can get all four of them in there after supper, and then I can just sit on my backside, eat chocolates, and work on my needlepoint.  (Ha ha.)  I did find out that putting on big band swing music is an effective motivator, though.
Incidentally, I'm pretty sure this was the last time the kitchen got fully cleaned.

This one steals my heart every day with those big eyes and long eyelashes.  And the pigtails just kill me!
What's that?  You want a pony?  Okay!

Nathan and Zadie are really in to music.  I don't even remember what song was on, but they decided they needed to dance.  Note they even have "dancing shoes" on......
Oh, that's what the living room looks like when it's clean!  I'd forgotten!

Here's a couple of the ten million selfies our oldest has taken of himself.  Every time I go through pictures on the camera or my phone, there's ones of himself and his toys.

This one he requested that I take of him dressed as an "army" (soldier).

Sleeping in just looked like so much fun!
 Okay, so I didn't plan on posting all of those pictures, but there you have them.  A little glimpse of our lives and how the kiddos are growing!

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