Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I think I might die.

Someone needs to give my kids the memo:  When they're up all night, they're required to sleep in - at LEAST til 9.
Gideon woke up every half hour til 2:30.  Zadie woke up at 2 and wouldn't go back to sleep, so was in our bed 2-4:30.
Meanwhile, I had a splitting headache all night, a back and neck ache, and am coughing up a lung.
Then Gideon wakes up at 6:30, and Zadie at 7:30.
I think I might die.
But at least they woke up happy!


The Shupaloops said...

Having one of those weeks too! And loving the rain, but the lightning isn't helping our cause!

Rachel said...

I should mention that at least Paul was home, not working nights! It really may have killed me had he not been there. He dealt with Zadie, since I was nursing Gideon the whole time.