Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pulling My Hair Out

I think God's punishment toward me for being a professional lollygagger, is that I have beget a lollygagger with OCD.  Not only does it take him FOR-EV-ER to do anything, but it has to be done only this way.  It took him 45 minutes this morning to put his tractors away.
And this isn't even "away" in my definition (away is in a drawer, out of sight), but it wasn't worth the fight.  At least they won't be stepped on here.  (Under the end table, which is apparently "the shed.")

And we can't just scoop up the tractors and dump them in a pile in front of "the shed" and then proceed to park them, we had to drive each one across the floor, or haul it on a semi trailer.  I was completely ready to pull out my hair, between how long this took, and Jacob telling me "I caaaaan't" to everything I told him to do, and Zadie pulling back out everything that Jacob actually did put away.
But I can walk through the living room without stepping on anything, so I guess in the end, mission accomplished, even if it did take WAY longer than it should have.

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