Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since I've posted.  Really, since I've even thought about my blog, even.
We've got sunshine, kittens (oh my gosh, please make them go away!), and flowers.  Who has time for internet??
It's been awesome around here.  Despite snow on the 2nd of May (yes, snow), and a brief stint of too-hot weather in the low 90s, we've had some perfect springtime weather.  The kids have been outside constantly, and we're in full on shorts and barefoot season.  Thankfully it's dried out a little bit, so we're not doing multiple wardrobe changes a day anymore.
Zadie has figured out how to toddle her way out to the play set.  She can climb the ladder to the slide platform on her own.  I was cleaning the kitchen, and I noticed her on the ladder (five steps, 4-foot-tall or so) and hustled out there, trying to not frighten or distract her from holding on. "Nathan!  Get behind Zadie so she doesn't fall down!"
"Oh, she's gone up the ladder and down the slide all by herself!"
I still try to pay attention, but it's been 2 weeks, and she has yet to fall down.  She's happy and entertained, and I'm getting the kitchen cleaned.
We found 5 kittens a few weeks ago.  We knew they were somewhere, because our basketball-shaped mama kitty became thin as a rail overnight.  A week or two later we found three more from another litter.  Then Sunday we found two more - no clue who these belong to, because now all the litters have congregated under the deck, and the mothers nurse them interchangeably.  PLEASE MAKE IT STOP RAINING KITTENS.  Ugh.  We had like 8 cats to begin with, from last year's population explosion.  This is beyond way too many.
We're almost done with school.  We've kind of stalled out.  It's tough to make them do school when it's so beautiful out....  I am a firm believer that kids - boys, especially - learn by doing.  So I want them to be able to play and explore.  But we do have an amount of work that needs to be done at the table as well.  He's done with his math, and all the reading/phonics I think he needs for the year.  We just can't quite finish up his science book.  We've got about 5 lessons left, and my goal is to have it finished by the end of May.  Part of the procrastination about finishing is the fact we won't really be "finished."  I'm going to make him do something all summer, probably switch on and off - a day of reading, a day of math.  The reading I know we'd take a major step back if we let him take a break.
The first of the month was unusually cool and wet, so my garden stalled.  However, I just don't think my beans are going to come up.  So confused about them.  I used these seeds last spring (they're old), and they didn't come up.  I used them again in the fall, and they came up beautifully.  Thankfully, those seeds are all gone, so no more mystery adventure plantings.  We still need to get tomatoes planted (I keep forgetting to go buy the plants!), but otherwise, we're mostly planted.  (Besides obviously needing to replant the beans.)
Since we had cool weather, our flowers are delayed coming out, but the blooms are lasting a lot longer, and I'm loving it!  I'm slowly getting my beds weeded, what hasn't been trampled by kids and kittens.
Anyhow.  Speaking of cats, the boys left the door open, so I need to chase a crumb-sniffing mama cat outside.
Enjoy the day!

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