Monday, April 22, 2013

Spiritual Sweatpants

So, when we got our dog - 7 years ago - he would chew on my clothes.  Not Paul's, just mine.  He got ahold of a pair of my pajama pants and put a couple small holes in the thigh.  Even though they were already like 6 years old, I kept them since the holes were relatively small, and I never wore them out of the house.
But the last couple years, they've gotten really ugly.  You know how they say behind every sexually frustrated man is a woman in sweatpants?  Yeah, these were those kind of pants.
I'm so cheap, though, and couldn't justify spending twenty bucks for a pair of pajama pants!  So I kept holding on to them.  After all, sometimes you just need some baggy, comfy clothes to have a lazy day in.
But this spring, I finally decided it was time to let go.  They were 13 years old.  I put them on the rag pile.
The next day I was at WalMart picking up something totally unrelated, and I passed the clearance rack.  I usually don't peruse them, because I don't need more clothes.  But I saw the $3 sign, and I had to look.  There were only a handful of things in my size, but what do you think one of those things was?  Yes!  Pajama pants!  And only $3!!!
I came home and gave Paul a complete spiritual application for this.
Sometimes we hold on to things in our lives because we don't want to let them go.  They are things that aren't necessarily bad, but they may not be God's plan for us.  He has something better planned for us, but we have to get rid of what we want in order to make room for what He has in store for us.  And when we do let go, he surprises us with blessings (hello, $3!!!).
Okay, maybe it's a stretch to apply spiritual truths to sale-priced sweatpants, but the truth remains.
And these pants are awesome!!!

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