Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Love My Family

I have a pretty awesome family.  We are so weird, and I love it!  Any family dinner conversation with my parents and siblings can flow from movie quotes, to childbirth stories, to spiritual matters, to neighborhood genealogy, and beyond.  We are so loud, and I'm sure it's intimidating to an outsider, but I think it is awesome.
As I was nursing Zadie to sleep, for some reason I was thinking of one of my brother's favorite things to say. Mom, Lurenda, and I will be in the kitchen putting the final touches on the meal, and we'll get on a roll about something, not even paying attention to the food situation, and JC will yell from the other room, "Hens!  Get in here!  It's time to eat!"

I'm sure it totally stokes his ego to have JC be the first mention in my new series, but when I thought of it, I about started giggling out loud while I was up there.  It's the "Hens!" part that gets me.... Such a perfect description of I'm sure what we sound like.  I'm going to make mention of my awesome family on regular occasions now.  (Regular, meaning, whenever I actually think of something and have the time and motivation to go to the computer.)

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The Other Rachel said...

Ha! Yes, happy memories. I miss you. We were there at Thanksgiving, but only for a couple of days, so there was no way I'd have time to see you. We'll be back, though. :)