Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's to That Point.....

Oh my.  I just printed out my birth plan.  It just clicked to me:  It really is close.
Yesterday was 2 weeks until my due date.  We really are to the "any day now" time.  Paul has been asking me for two weeks if I've packed my bag for the hospital.... I think it's because he doesn't want to have to try to find everything himself if I go to the hospital unprepared.  (I think he was scarred last spring when he had to bring me pads when I was in the hospital.....  They were double bagged and buried under other stuff. :P   He doesn't want to do that again.... Not to mention the nursing pads....  A man bringing his wife two types of pads??  NOOOOO!!!!!)
Well, tonight I packed the hospital bag.  That is a task I hate doing, because what do you need?  I mean, really need?  Clothes are the hardest for me, because I want to be comfy, but not look like a bag lady either.  Will I be cold or hot?  What will the weather be like when we go home?  I'm trying to go minimal, because I remember how little I used with the boys.
I'm also at the point where I feel like I have to shave every time I take a shower.  I was talking to a friend from church, who is also pregnant, about shaving - which, seriously, at this point.... "I shave by faith, not by sight."  This friend has worked as an OB nurse, and mentioned how after "being on the un-groomed end of things" shaving was very important to her as she nears her due date.  I had told myself that the doctor and nurses have seen everything, so some stubbly knees aren't a big deal, but maybe not.  Oh well.
I was going to get a pedicure, but then was thinking about these dang stockings.... I'm still supposed to wear them, even after I deliver.  So who is going to enjoy, or even see the pedicure?  I think I'll paint my own toes (or make Paul?) before delivery, and then reward myself with a pedicure mid-summer after I've had my veins fixed and I'm finally stocking-free!  (It will have been 6 months of wearing them by then.)
I also was going to get a hair cut before I have the baby.  But then I found out I could pull my hair back into a ponytail - a very stubby, ugly one, but a ponytail nonetheless.  That is handy since we're working outside a lot.  And then I remembered the shedding.  I didn't have postpartum shedding with Nathan, but did majorly with Jacob.  So assuming I lose 3/4 of the hair on my head in the next few months..... I'll save the haircut for trying to make it look good after that. :)  (I'm a cheapskate who only gets my hair cut twice a year, if that.)
Paul installed the infant car seat base in the backseat of the car this afternoon.  It's going to be tight, but we'll manage.  The car seat is cleaned and ready to go.... As long as I can keep the @#%* cat from peeing on it.  I don't know what's up with him, but he is on my list.  He peed on the changing table last week.
Well, the dryer just kicked off.  That's the baby clothes!  Last major prep thing to do to get ready for Baby.  Tomorrow, Paul can help me pick out which white or yellow outfit we want to take to the hospital.  I still have no feeling one way or the other.  I think it's a girl, just because statistically, we're due for a girl after two boys.  But I don't know.  I love the anticipation, though.
And the house is a disaster.  I'm on about a 3-day cycle.  About every third day, I feel like I'm on top of things around here where I would be okay leaving for 2 days to have a baby.  But it is definitely not the third day.  Path through the living room, piles in the dining room and kitchen......ugh.
We'll get there.
And if not......
Baby will get here anyways.

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