Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Some of My Favorite Recent Pictures

I've been bad at getting updates lately.  Between teaching Nathan's violin and preschool daily, I haven't had much free time.

So in lieu of a detailed update, I thought I'd just share some of my favorite pictures from the last couple months.... The pictures are more interesting than my ramblings anyways.  Most of these are pictures I intended to use for a blog, but just never got around to it.  (Typical.)

This was on Mother's Day (so it's a few more months than just "the last few").  I love them, and I think they're so cute when they are dressed matchy-matchy.  My handsome guys!

 Why colored bubbles only sound like an awesome idea.

He's quite fond of torturing the cat (in love).  And the cat just takes it, so it's his own dumb fault.

 Nathan found a tiny baby snail (on top of a "normal" size snail shell, which is about the size of a nickel).  I thought the photos with him in the background were hilarious.

 We have some old, old Bugs Bunny cartoons - the ones from World War II, with jingles about war bonds and saving tin.  One on there is the national anthem.  He always stands up when that one is on.  (So proud of this.)


My rock stars.  (I may have posted it before.)  I did tell Nathan to do the "peace" sign.

We expanded our play set.  It now has two platforms.  The next step will be a playhouse built on the area where Nathan's bike is parked..... Someday.  The new platform will lead to a loft above the playhouse.

Jacob is a picky eater at mealtimes.  But when he wants to eat something, he'll eat anything.  These pics:  a whole boiled egg - in the shell, and a stick of butter.  He also ate half a decorative gourd - straight through like an apple, chalk, crayons, and markers (which he has to try at least once a week).

The boys watching the final Space Shuttle launch.

It has been DRY.  This is our feet after a very short walk down the grass at the side of our gravel road.  It's October, and it's still no better.

 Nathan is coming along on his violin.  Jacob is now very interested as well, but it's very obvious he does not have the patience to even bother trying to teach him yet.  It's like, "I want to hold the violin.  Okay.  I'm done."

 The lighting was just perfect the evening I took these.  My boys just look like they're glowing (which they always do to me :) ).

The favorite pastime this summer was removing all of my landscaping bricks from the edge of my front flower bed, hauling them in their Tonka trucks, and then lining them up or stacking them on the sidewalk.  I just finally reclaimed them two weeks ago, and so far they haven't been destroyed again (yet).

More "I don't see the point of these flowers."  We took this large planter down off the deck rail after Jacob pulled it off on himself.  They proceeded to pull the flowers, because they were on some prime dirt for farming. 

 As a "last hurrah" of summer, about the beginning of September when it started to cool down, I filled up the dog's water pool (it's very dry, so he needs a place to drink and splash).  The boys proceeded to strip down and go skinny dipping in the COLD water.  They loved it.  (Incidentally, they have not asked to swim since. :P )

 I love any picture of our house and yard.  It just makes me feel so peaceful.  Home must really be where your heart is.

We had one of those crazy spiny squooshy balls, and it popped.  (I didn't know it was possible.)  It makes for an awesome silly hat, though!

Nathan turned 4!  I made him a worm cake, which looks PATHETIC compared to the one in the magazine I got the idea from, but he loved it.

My parents got Nathan and Mackenzie (my niece; her 5th birthday was the same week, so we had a double party) globes.  It is perfect timing for school, learning about the world God created, and showing them where their Aunt Sissy is.  (Carlsie, my youngest sister, is in Zambia for 2 years with the Peace Corps.)  
Here, they're showing us where Zambia is.

This face.  It makes my heart melt every time.  What is it?  Is it the puppy dog eyes?

 And his smile just lights up a room.  Seriously.  Heart bursting.

Of course, this guy is getting pretty darn handsome.  His smile can just say T-U-R-D sometimes. :)


Tiffany said...

The boys are adorable. I can't believe how big they've gotten. I feel like I was just reading about you having Jacob :)

Doug or Janice Rhodes said...

we love you guys. Doug labeled some of the pics on face book

Anonymous said...

I love these!! Thanks for posting them!! Love you and miss you!!


~ April said...

Love the matchy-matchy shirts! Your boys are too adorable! Great pictures of the snail! So cool! And I love your house! Was always my dream to live in the country and raise my family... (sigh)...maybe someday.