Monday, February 21, 2011

Current 3-Year-Old-isms

  • Ummm.... Not quite yet. (His answer to questions such as, "Can you pick up the toys?" or "Are you ready to go yet?")
  • I already went potty last week! (Apparently he's learning the concept of time - and will use a little while ago, last night, last week, last month, or last year interchageably.)
  • Oh. [looks up with eyes bugging out] I need to poop!
  • Yes, Mommy? [sweet and innocent voice] (This takes all the steam out of my exasperation - luckily he hasn't figured that out yet!)
  • [Me: "Nathan can you pick up all the toys?] Not right now. ("Child experts" say to ask your kids, you get a better response. What do you do with this response?)
  • You sing the Baby C's? [A-B-C's]
There's more. And I love 3-year-old philosophy. Sometimes I find it hard to keep a straight face when listening to him explain things. I love him. I love both of them, so much! (I can't wait to hear Jake's -ism's when he starts talking!)


~ April said...

So cute!
Not a "child expert" but you could try: Nathan would you like to pick up your toys now or in 2 minutes?... He'll say two minutes if he's like my children... then set a timer for him (make sure he sees you set the timer)... when timer goes off say, time to clean up and maybe sing a clean up song to make it "fun".

Doug or Janice Rhodes said...

Always be careful asking...because you are giving the option of choosing. integrity demands that you allow his choice. Rather say It is time to .... When the timer rings you(we) will. I believe in giving time to finish a projects/thought process and time to choose obedience. But asking questions gives options not to do as you want......